How to Choose a Fort Worth Roofing Contractor

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Hiring a contractor can be tough. Especially when you’re about to undertake a large project.

A new roof is a huge investment for any homeowner. Estimates show that the average cost of replacing a roof is anywhere from $5,000-$25,000. So it’s important to be thorough when hiring a roofing contractor.

Most roofing costs go towards the hard labor involved. You want to hire someone who is experienced, skilled, and legally able to do the best job for you.

An unprofessional roofing company can cost you an arm and a leg. So how do you make sure you find the best company for you? Follow along for tips on choosing a reliable and trustworthy Forth Worth roofing contractor.

Getting Started

There’s no shortage of roofing companies, especially in Texas.

Texas reported the third most roofing employees in the United States in 2016. So it can be hard to find the best Fort Worth roofing company.

Fortunately, there are resources available that can turn even the most clueless of customers into knowledgeable experts.

First, check local business directories such as the Yellow Pages or online resources like AngiesList. You can also get a recommendation from word of mouth. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors whether they know of any reliable roofing companies.

After you’ve gathered at least three leads, it’s time to do your research. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints filed against the company. You can also check more niche sites like the Home Builders Association to get a better idea of how the company stacks up against others in the industry.

As a reminder, a strong reputation is the most important element when finding a roofing company. Avoid the temptation to go with the company with the lowest price. Price is important, but a reputable company and solid work are crucial.

Inspect Their Work

So you’ve gathered a few potential leads. Now what?

The vetting process doesn’t end with a quick check on price and online reputation. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before hiring a Fort Worth roofing company.

There’s no shame in inspecting a local company’s previous work. Drive by a few of their job sites to make sure that they’ve done a good job. You can also ask the company for a few client references to make sure their skill level matches their reputation.

There are a few key things to look for when you inspect their previous work. Make sure that the shingle tabs are aligned straight. You should also check to see if the shingles are trimmed along the edge of the roof.

You’re looking for a nice clean job with no noticeable gaps. The best way to learn about a company’s work is to actually see it.

Verify Their Legitimacy

Now that you’ve seen the quality of a company’s work, you might be tempted to hire them on the spot. Not so fast.

No one should hire a Fort Worth roofing company without first verifying their legitimacy. There are a few things legitimate roofing operations should be able to provide, no matter what.

Examples include a business license, roofing credentials, and workers’ compensation insurance. You should check their workers’ compensation package to see if it covers at least $1 million in liability insurance.

Make sure that you are only dealing with contractors that are licensed and insured. Your money is at stake. If they can’t provide you with essential documents, it’s time to move on.

If you’re still unsure of how to check for business licenses, you can contact the Department of Professional Regulation or the Texas licensing board. They will provide you with the necessary documents to give you peace of mind.

Next Steps

The next step is to book your roofing company.

Call up your prospect to check their availability. If they can’t meet your desired timeline, call up the next company in line.

You should also discuss payment at this juncture. Remember, roofing projects vary greatly depending on the scope of the project.

You probably have a budget in mind, but be wary of paying your entire budget up front. Aim to break up the project into two payments. Many companies let you pay one-third up front and pay off the rest of your balance following project completion.

This is good practice because you want to make sure you’re satisfied with the work. Paying in multiple installments ensures that your money is safe until you’re sure the roof is up to your standards.

Read the Fine Print

It’s always a good idea to read the fine print before making a transaction. Especially when you’re hiring a Fort Worth roofing company.

One of the most important fine print details to pay attention to is the warranty information. This will protect you from damages and unexpected expenses down the road.

Most roofing projects come with at least a one-year warranty. You can aim higher for a two to three-year warranty if you prefer. The warranty should detail what’s covered — including leaks, water damage, or company error.

You should always get a detailed contract or proposal from the company. This will cover expectations in regards to scope and price of the project. It should also detail what roofing materials will be used, type of shingles, and your payment schedule.

Every company isn’t out to get you. But you want to be prepared just in case. Obtain these important documents and read the fine print before moving forward with a roofing project.

Finding the Best Fort Worth Roofing Company

There’s no easy way to fix shoddy work. So take the time to thoroughly research your Fort Worth roofing company.

Word of mouth, online reviews, and client references can help you better understand your contractor’s quality of work. Making sure you are doing business with a legitimate company will also help to protect your roofing investment. Get a contract and warranty in writing and avoid paying one lump sum.

There’s no shame in taking a little extra time to find the right company for you. It’s your roof, it should be your rules too.

Are you looking into fixing up your roof? We can help. Contact us today for help on your Fort Worth roofing project.