In the wake of the recent storms that devastated hundreds of homes in the area, hundreds of roofing companies from around the country will begin to pour into your area and begin the process of high pressure sales and bidding of this project. Please be sure to look for the following when considering the company you choose to contract with.

Is the company your choosing a local company?

If so, ask to see literature with a physical address to their office and or company location. If they are not local, who will be around to warranty your roof in the future if any problems were to arise?

Ask to see local references of past roofs they have successfully completed.

Become familiar with the location of their local offices and local business or trade references. Ex: Banking, local vendors, etc.

Is the company your choosing insured by General Liability insurance?

If they are not, did you know if there were to be any accidents on your roof (roofers falling, feet stepping through your ceiling sheetrock, interior water damage due to improper water tightness during construction of your roof, or damage to your property or AC lines) you will be left 100% responsible to the cost of repairing the damages. If the company you choose IS NOT insured you are completely exposed to potential law suites by roofers if any bodily injury were to occur on your property. If the company you choose IS COVERED by General Liability insurance, ask to see a copy of their CURRENT insurance policy and then CALL AND VERIFY the coverage is in their name and in full effect.

Be aware, this is a viable issue. Past sales reps for SPS have taken our GL insurance policy, whited out our name, inserted their name and used that to show proof of coverage to their new customers. Don