irving roofers

Thinking about hiring Irving roofers?

While you may be eager to get started on a roofing project, it can be a mistake to rush the hiring process. Not all Irving roofers are created equally and not every company can give you the service and quality that you deserve.

Before you contract Irving roofers, you should ask these 10 crucial questions.

1. Are You Certified and Insured?

General liability insurance is required for contractors in Texas but professional liability insurance isn’t. It’s important to know exactly what type of insurance the roofer has.

Be sure that the company has insurance which protects their workers in case of injury or accidents.

Roofers also aren’t required to be certified in the state of Texas. Although a license isn’t required, it can be an excellent idea to check out a company’s certifications anyway.

Having a Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) certification at least can help to demonstrate a company’s legitimacy in the industry.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

While not an absolute indicator, it can be a great idea to ask how long the Irving roofers you are considering have been in business. It’s hard to stay in business for such a long time without having created a loyal and happy customer base throughout the years.

A roofing business that has been in operation for 20-30 years will have proven their worth in the industry. The longevity of the company can be a good indicator of their professionalism and overall value.

3. What References Do You Have?

It’s crucial to ask for references from any roofing contractor you deal with. Consider asking for references for jobs that are similar to what you have planned. Plan on checking out any past work the contractor has done in person.

You may also consider asking for information on the most recent 2 or 3 jobs the contractors have done, rather than cherry-picked selections.

4. What Safety Measures Will the Irving Roofers Take?

Ask what safety precautions the contractor will use during the job. Make sure that they will take special care while working on your roof.

Find out about specific measures and procedures the company follows. It’s not enough to simply ask if they are safe, but also ask how they ensure this safety.

What kinds of harnesses and heavy equipment do they use? Do they follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety procedures?

5. Do You Hire Subcontractors?

Some companies handle the entire roofing project on their own, but some will hire out specific parts of the job to subcontractors.

If they are hiring out to subcontractors you need to ask for their qualifications and info as well. Ask for a list of subcontractors and their relevant contact information, certifications, proof of insurance and references.

6. What Are the Payment Terms?

Before you get started you need to be sure you understand any payment procedures for the contracting job. Ask what payment types they accept.

Additionally, find out about any deposits that will be necessary for the job. You should expect to pay a deposit of no more than 10% of the estimate, but this shouldn’t be paid until the materials arrive at the work site.

You should also expect a clear estimate of the work to be undertaken and ask about and variance that may occur.

It’s unlikely that anything unexpected will happen, there may be situations where the job will cost more than initially expected. Ask for information on any possible variables up front so you’ll know long before the work begins.

7. How Long Will the Job Take?

Before you hire contractors, make sure the company can give you an estimate of how long the work will take. The roofer should give you a clear timeline for the project.

You should also ask if the contractor has any other jobs he will be completed before starting on yours.

Finally, also ask in what ways the timeline will shift or change due to weather issues during the project.

8. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Will the Irving roofers you hire offer a warranty for their work and on the roof they install? It’s important to know this beforehand and to hire a company that offers a generous warranty.

While the roofing materials themselves should offer their own warranties, you also need to know that a contractor will stand by their work. Make sure they offer a thorough warranty on the roof’s installation and labor.

9. How Do You Plan for Inclement Weather?

You should also ask about what plans the Irving roofers have for inclement weather conditions. If it starts raining during the job, do they have a way to cover up the roof and protect it from harm?

Although the weather forecast can be a big help, it is not 100% accurate. You need to be sure that they have a solid plan in place just in case some unexpected weather arises.

As a side note, you should also make sure to get a roofer who understands the weather patterns in your locality.

10. How Will You Protect My Landscaping and Property?

Ensure the roofers will take special care of your property and landscaping when working. Will each worker give your property the respect it deserves?

Make sure they have a plan for handling the placement of their equipment. Be sure that they have a plan to manage foot traffic in order to avoid trampling over your bushes and other yard features.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important questions you should be asking for any type of roofing job you’re considering, but there are others you may think of on your own.

You can save a lot of headache in the long run if you find the answers to these questions long before the roofers start to work on your property.

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