different types of roofs

So you are getting ready to build the home of your dreams. You’ve saved every penny. You’ve drawn up your plans.

Now is the time to make your dream a reality and dig your first full shovel of dirt on your way to building your first home.

Once you’ve built everything from the foundation up, now it’s time to pick the right roof out of all the different types of roofs available.

But picking the right roof for your home can be challenging, especially when you know very little about the different types of roofs. If you are familiar with what we provide here at SPS Roofing, then you already know that we are here to help!

So come along as we take you through the 13 different types of roofs for new homeowners.

1. Gable Roof

A gable roof is as classicly American as baseball or apple pie.

The roof forms a triangular shape by having two straight sides connecting in the center by gables on either side. These roofs are angled this way to keep rain and snow from collecting and leaking into your home.

This will be the perfect option if you are building your home in an area with a statistically high amount of snowfall.

These angular roofs can also provide enough space in your home to have a spacious attic or storage area.

Some popular style houses can have multiple different gables to create different peaks.

Depending on the amount of space you are working with, there are numerous combinations you can make with your gable style roof that can make it seem classic and unique at the same time.

This is one of the more classic options you can go with when deciding on different types of roofs.

2. Hip Roof

To go even further, you could opt to abandon the gables all together to form a hip roof.

Rather than using a wall to connect the two angled sides of roofing, a hip roof connects these two angles with two more roof extensions on either side.

This style of a roof can provide even more space on the top level and the points for each side of the roof no longer need to meet at such an acute angle.

These roofs have the same benefit when it comes to the elements but can accommodate for a larger space.

You should definitely keep in mind how you will use your space when considering these two different types of roofs.

3. Gambrel Roof

Out of all of the different types of roofs, gambrel roofs are generally not considered when thinking of homes.

They are most commonly used for barns and sheds, but they can also create a charming cover to your home.

The roof consists of four different straight panels that connect in an ascending way to form a shape that is like a half of a polygon.

This style of a roof was originally developed in order to maximize space and provide shelter to as many barnyard animals as possible.

With that being this style’s main intention, just think of how much you could fit into your home?

4. Mansard Roof

This French-influenced regal roof can be easily recognized from some of the world’s most famous buildings.

Both the Germania Life Insurance building in New York City and the Boulevard Haussmann in Paris share this sophisticated design.

It’s safe to say that it has yet to go out of style.

This elegant style was invented by French architect Francois Mansart in the 17th Century. According to Old House, Mansart’s objective was to create a dual pitched roof that could “squeeze a full floor of living space above the cornice line of a building without increasing the technical number of stories in the structure