Best Roofing Company in Argyle

Finding the best roofing company in Argyle, Texas isn’t as simple as calling up numbers in the phone book anymore.

The methods of discovering a real, trustworthy, professional contractor for your roofing repair or installation have changed dramatically.

The customer has a lot of power and resources on their side now, it’s just a matter of knowing how to use it.

You can’t afford to second-guess or make a rash decision when it comes to your roof, either. It is one of the biggest single factors of a home when judging its value and longevity.

That curb appeal won’t help you when an inspector is able to poke holes through the state of your shingle alignment or sees signs of shoddy installation.

So today, we’re showing you how to find the best company to fit your roofing needs.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Getting Quality Work Done

It’s common to think that simple single work can be installed by any experienced homeowner, but that’s only if you’re going with the most basic of roofing products.

If you want to increase the value of your home, you’re going to need to invest in some higher grade materials, such as metal, PVC, cedar, clay, or slate roofing tiles.

These premium roofing tiles need trained hands to properly install them. It takes both experience and the right equipment to lay them so that no moisture, dirt, or pests can get through.

As with many homeowners who are too proud to call upon a professional, some contractors will exaggerate their skill levels in order to attract the most customers.

You will need to filter out the bad and the mediocre from the best roofing company in Argyle.

You can follow this brief guide to help your search.

1. Start with Referrals

You can potentially save yourself a ton of time sifting through ads and directories trying to find the best roofing company in Argyle by first asking your friends or family members if they have any personal recommendations.

This is a good way to avoid getting in any trouble with local code enforcement issues if you can simply hire somebody who has done local work before.

2. Check with the BBB

This is an easy way to separate the scams and fakes from the professional contracting companies. The best roofing company in Argyle should also have a good score with the Better Business Bureau.

There’s no good reason why they shouldn’t. If they don’t even have a page on the BBB site, then avoid altogether.

3. Get Covered with a Warranty

Don’t let just any contractor do work to your home without being covered for any mistakes or negligence. This may sound obvious, but pay close attention to their contract language.

When a roofing contractor makes a mistake, it may not be readily apparent.

You may find flaws or defects appear years later, but that’s certainly not your fault. You deserve to be compensated.

The best roofing company in Argyle is going to have a warranty that extends years after their work is finished.

Material warranties should last up to 10 years or more.

4. Check Licensure and Bonding

The last thing you need is someone working on your roof who isn’t protected by insurance and doesn’t even have a license to do work. This could come back against you if they get hurt on your property.

Roofing contractors should have total coverage for all their employees. If not, those employees could potentially sue you if they get hurt on your property.

Yes, license and insurance are expensive, so you could pay more for the best roofing company in Argyle to install your roof. However, you’ll pay a lot more for that roof if the contractor doesn’t know what they’re doing.

All this information can be easily checked online, so just ask the contractor for the appropriate information.

5. Keep it Legal

Not only should you be paying attention to the contractor’s papers, but you should be doing the same for yours as well.

Make sure your estimate includes the insurance deductible. Don’t let any roofing company lead you to believe that paying the deductible is an unnecessary expense that they can save you money on.

The same goes for any contractor who thinks they can handle any insurance matters on your behalf. This isn’t legal and it could leave you open for potential fraud and legal consequences.

6. Don’t Get Sold

I know, it’s easy to think that you’re someone who will never get pressured into paying for something you don’t want, but just remember you have the decision-making power.

Exercise your right to barter. Also, know the going rates for the type of work you need to be done by comparing with other contractors until you find the best roofing company in Argyle that fits your budget.

Don’t let contract-speak confuse you, simply tell them that you want more time to decide and really examine the contract at home, with second opinions.

7. Consider Your Options

There are a ton of roofing options for new installations. You should be able to choose from a number of different shingles, styles, and green options.

These things matter when it comes to curb appeal and the ultimate resale value of your home.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to really future-proof your home.

Any roofing company in Argyle worth its reputation will present you with plenty of choices and decision-making abilities for your home.

8. Narrowing It Down

The general rule of thumb when it comes to making the most accurate choice for the best roofing company in Argyle is having at least three companies lined up.

You want to line up your top picks and be able to go into the interview process confident, ready to pick up on any cues or red flags.

Take your time to talk to references that they provide you for past clients.

Next, go out and take a look at their previous jobs in-person, if you can.

Little flaws are easily concealed in portfolio pictures online.

When it comes to new roofing contractors who have a lot of previous experience working for a big company, just do your due diligence by interviewing their previous place of employment.

Asking lots of questions is never something you should be ashamed of. This is a serious investment and it is never easy to reverse the damage of a botched installation or repair.

9. Be Nosy Online

In your search for the best roofing company in Argyle, you can look to the Internet to research an organization’s name in addition to the worker himself. You should be able to see whether they are authorized, if there has been any prosecution, and if any current clients are talking about this specific organization online.

You would be amazed what sort of data you can now find about the companies/staff you are thinking about working with.

Note that occasionally some people post false data under phony names to ruin competing brands, which implies that you have to read closely and look for poorly written reviews.

In general, when a company website provides access to data about past contracts, specialized work, YouTube, legal articles, and so forth, you are on your way to finding the best roofing company in Argyle, who:

  • Takes pride in their work
  • Truly thinks about their clients
  • Strives to uphold top quality standards

10. Consider the Cost of Roofing Materials

Some homeowners may see the value in saving a few bucks on their overall roofing budget by going out and purchasing their materials first before ever hiring anyone.

While this isn’t always a bad idea, the average homeowner is not going to be able to secure the same type of deals that the best roofing company in Argyle has access to.

You’ll need to do far more research to find not only affordable, but high-quality roofing materials.

You very well could end up paying more at the end of the day for the same roofing tiles that your contractor could have had already.

The big reason why is simply bulk discount rates.

Commercial buyers know all about this concept.

Loss Prevention

There’s another concern worth addressing, as well: loss prevention.

We’re talking about the unforeseen supply shortages due to the number of roof tiles that may be broken in the process or gone missing.

The truth is, even the best roofing company in Argyle makes mistakes and tiles needed to properly cover or repair your roof may be underestimated.

If the contractor buys the roofing materials themselves, they will be buying in larger quantities, rather than worry about excess.

Any unused tiles just go right back into their inventory for future customers.

You can still take the time to research which tiles you want, the size, shape, thickness, color, and etc.

In fact, you want to be able to include the contractor on this roofing material decision, as their experience should be helpful in determining what types of shingle styles are most practical, durable, and etc.

Pricing the Best Roofing Company in Argyle

Keeping on the topic of budget and comparison shopping, choosing the best roofing company in Argyle is going to ultimately come down to two things: reputability and affordability.

Your final picks should both be in the same ballpark price range. If one of them is significantly lower, then you should be double-checking their qualifications.

At the same time, the most costly contractors aren’t necessarily the most qualified, either.

Some are just out there to rip you off with upgrades, sidegrades, and rates that do not justify their work.

Local, reputable small businesses are often your best bet.

The best roofing company in Argyle will be somewhat flexible with their contracts anyways–they’re not going to risk losing your business because you operate under a strict budget and underestimated your cost by a few hundred.

Calculating Cost

Start by measuring your rooftop to know precisely the span of materials, and use a rooftop material calculator for a sense of how much your rooftop should cost.

In the event that the value is in line with your estimation, you can simply go ahead and close the deal with a roofer you have the most chemistry with, rather than purely on the fact they are the cheapest.

When you notice that it is off track, ask your roofer about their estimate–what is incorporated into the contract?

Ask them about their materials and work, and demonstrate why it doesn