Plano roofing

Want a foolproof way to ensure that you are getting the best roofing services, guaranteed?

Hiring a roofing professional in Plano is a serious thing, and it can take a while to find the right company for your needs.

As you are researching potential roofers, it’s important to ask the right questions to make sure your Plano roofing company will do the job well. These questions go beyond ones about cost and liability. The answers to them will ensure that you avoid common roofing scams and a poorly executed job.

Read on to learn about the top ten questions you should ask when you are hiring roofing services in Plano so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve!

1. Can I Check Out Some Current Jobs?

The best way to ensure that you are hiring the best possible Plano roofing company is to investigate current jobs that the company is working on. You’ll also want to see if it’s possible to check out past projects that the company has completed.

Ask what current projects are viewable by prospective clients and make it clear that you want to see evidence of the company’s professionalism and quality work before you sign any contract.

A highly reputable roofing company will be able to point you in the direction of projects in progress in your area. You may even be able to visit these project sites with a manager or overseer so that you can get an insider’s look at how the roofing project is proceeding.

It’s also important to ask about past jobs that the company has completed. This way, you’ll also be able to check out existing structures. Remember that a roof can look nice in the first year but a poorly executed job can leave that roof in bad condition the next.

It’s also helpful to ask to see an extensive portfolio of jobs the roofing company has completed. Pair the real-life visuals with on-paper diagrams and details.

When you do go visit a project site, bring your questions along. Meet the project manager if possible so you can start putting faces to names. Pay attention to how organized team members are and what safety precautions they take on the job.

2. Can You Connect Me With Some Prior Customers?

Once again, it’s crucial to do your research thoroughly before you hire a Plano roofing company and to get a good sense of the type of projects the company has completed.

Ask the company for contact information of past customers the roofing company has assisted. Reaching out to past customers will enable you to get a firsthand review of the roofing company’s services.

You’ll also want to ask for homeowner references. This is essentially the same thing as consulting with past customers; however, some companies will have written references on hand to distribute to prospective clients.

It’s also helpful to check out Google reviews or other online review channels to get a sense of what other customers are saying. However, obtain authentic recommendations over the phone or in person to really get a good sense of how a certain company might handle your project.

3. Do You Have the Necessary Licensing and Certifications?

This is absolutely crucial when it comes to questions you need to ask a Plano roofing company you’re thinking about hiring. One of the best way to avoid scams and to ensure professional work is to investigate the licensing and certifications a roofing company holds.

A reputable roofing company should be licensed by the state it is operating in. In Texas, you’ll want to first make sure that your Plano roofing company is licensed with the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT). This means that the company has an operating physical address, an essential indicator that the company is not a scam.

Ask what the roofing company is certified in. This will vary depending upon the type of roofing services the company offers. A good certification to look for is one in Flat and Steep applications.

Ask for proof of all of these licenses and certifications. The right company will show you proof of these from the get-go.

4. Who Will Be My Point of Contact During the Plano Roofing Project?

Communication is key when it comes to any Plano roofing project, and you’ll want to make sure from the start that you know who you’ll be in contact with throughout your project.

Ask who the primary point of contact will be and the best method of communication. Find out how often this person will be at the job site and how much you will be able to provide input.

Get to know the roofing team you will be interacting with throughout the completion of your project. Meet the individual who will be specifically overseeing the project and who will also be ensuring that quality work is being performed.

In the initial stages of your research, it’s also important to meet the person who actually owns the company. This may seem like overkill, but meeting the owner will give you a greater sense of the company’s vision and oversight.

You’ll also be able to assess how the company services local areas and how long it has been in business, both key factors in determining who to hire for the roofing services you require.

5. Can You Show Me Proof of Insurance?

This is critical when it comes to hiring a Plano roofing company. Insurance and liability are huge factors of any construction project and you want to make sure the services you are hiring are insured properly.

The roofing industry can be dangerous for a number of people involved, particularly workers. Ask first and foremost whether the company hires subcontractors or whether they work with employees, and ask for proof of the insurance protections that cover either.

While you are at it, ask for an overview of all liability issues that may surface throughout the contract’s projected length.

6. What is the Entire Cost Breakdown?

Reliable Plano roofing companies will offer you a detailed estimate of the project you’re planning before a contract is signed. Make sure you walk through this entire estimate with a roofing company employee so that you are clear on literally every single fee and cost.

Ask to see the cost breakdown for materials used as well as for all estimated labor. Make sure you are clear on how additional costs may be added to the total estimate. Some companies will add fees to estimates if you change your mind about something halfway through a project and request additional or alternate material or design.

You’ll also want to ask your roofing company about payments. Most companies will offer payment plans or will have specific due dates for portions of the completed project’s cost.

If there are any parts of the estimate or cost discussion that seem vague or unclear, ask. If they still seem ambiguous, think critically before signing any contract.

If you are getting a new residential roof, it’s also important to ask about tax credits that you may be eligible for.

7. How do You Stay On Top of Worker and Client Safety?

Safety goes hand in hand with questions about liability and insurance. It’s important for you to ask any Plano roofing company what extents it goes to ensure worker safety.

Find out if the company offers worker compensation, for example, and what safety measures the company has in place for every existing project. Ask what training employees must go through before they are certified or cleared to perform a roofing job safely.

It’s also important to ask about how the company will guarantee your safety as the client. Ask for an overview of safety measures the company will take in the actual construction and material use of your roof to prohibit future damage or collapse.

8. How Will You Protect Existing Buildings and Access Roads During the Project?

A roofing job involves a lot of special equipment and space. If you are getting a residential roof serviced or replaced, it’s going to be especially important to check in with your potential Plano roofing company about how the company will make sure driveways, access roads, and existing buildings don’t get damaged during the project.

For residential roofs, ask about how the company will protect your home’s gutters during the project. Find out what the company will do with any waste products they might need to clear from your current damaged roof, like trees or debris. They may bring a dumpster on site, for example.

If you are looking into a roof replacement, make sure you ask about how the company plans to handle piping, seals, and roof flashings. Basically, you want to be clear on how much of the “old” roof the company will retain and how much “new” it plans on bringing in.

Also be clear on where the company anticipates keeping all of its equipment, vehicles, and/or porta-potty during the project.

9. What Happens During Inclement Weather?

Bad weather can quickly intervene in a project and delay progress. In many cases, it can cause dangerous working conditions.

Some companies will still require employees to work in inclement weather, while others will delay project work until the weather passes. Ask the company you are interviewing to see what its policy is for bad weather conditions, particularly if you are thinking about having roofing work done during the winter or spring.

10. What Warranties Do You Offer?

This is a key question to ask when you are investigating Plano roofing companies for hire.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure you are getting the best services for the price you are paying–and that you are getting a durable, hazard-free roof at the project’s completion.

Many companies will offer warranties on their work and product. These will vary by company; most will typically cover several years after the install of the roof, depending on the type of building serviced.

Ask about the warranties your Plano roofing company offers its clients. If warranties are offered, ask to have these delivered before the project even begins. They should be in both paper and digital form.

Once you receive the written warranties, ask for a member of the roofing company to walk you through all of the fine print. Ask particularly about any exceptions to the warranty, as some roofing companies will offer “limited” warranties.

If the company you’ve been researching doesn’t offer warranties, ask about what provisions they have for roofing work that isn’t top-quality or sustains damage in the immediate years after an install.

Finding the Right Plano Roofing Company

Roofs are an essential part of any building, and they have to be installed and treated with professional hands. No matter what type of building you are looking to service, it’s important to do your research and ask the right questions when you go about hiring a roofing company.

You’ll want to cover as many bases as possible when you consult with a potential contractor, but the top ten questions concern the company’s licensing and certification, protection of employees and your home during a project, and warranties on the project itself.

It’s also key to ask to see existing projects and to meet past customers so you can get a visual confirmation of what type of experience the Plano roofing company will offer you. At the end of the day, don’t sign any roofing contract until you feel completely confident in all of the terms and know what to expect with payment and cost.

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When you ask us the top ten questions listed in this post, we guarantee honest and true answers. Reach out to us today to ask away and give us the opportunity to meet your roofing needs with cost-effective and reliable service!