Dallas commercial roofing

Every single day you rely on your roof to protect your home and your family. You like to think you have a powerful roof, but there are things that could damage it. And most of these factors are out of your control.

A perfect example is weather. There are several hazardous weather conditions that can ruin your roof. Because of this, you need to make sure your roof can stand up to the conditions that Mother Nature produces.

A perfect example is Dallas. Weather in Dallas is all over the place. It can be storming during the summer, and snow and ice can disrupt a peaceful winter.

When you buy a home or get your roof repaired, keep these weather conditions in mind that could destroy Dallas commercial roofing.

Temperature Fluctuations

You may not think temperature fluctuations can damage your roof. Changing temperatures are just a part of the seasons, right? However, the rise and fall of temperatures can affect the integrity of your roof.

Temperature fluctuations can cause warped roofing. This happens when excess moisture enters your roof, decreasing its strength.

Temperature fluctuations are a major issue in Dallas.

Most states stay either relatively cool or relatively hot all year. However, Dallas deals with extreme weather changes.

In the summer, it can become blistering hot. In the winter, it’s not uncommon to see a little snow or ice.

Check for leaks in the roof. This is the first sign of warped roofing. If you notice leaking, call Dallas commercial roofing services immediately.

High Winds

During periods of high winds, the shingles of your roof are vulnerable to damage. Strong winds can even lift the shingles off.

This exposes the plywood and under layers of felt. These are more susceptible to breaking under weather conditions than shingles. When plywood and felt are affected by weather damage, they will be soaked with water.

As any Dallas resident knows, Dallas can bring high winds and tornadoes. When extreme weather conditions occur, make sure a Dallas commercial roofing service installs new shingles.

If not, your shingles can be ripped off and the plywood and felt will be exposed.


One of the most intense types of damage a roof can endure is hail damage. If the impact is powerful enough, hail can literally dent your roof.

Terrible hailstorms can cause hail to completely rip through your shingles and into the roof, which could cause water damage.

More damage can occur when hail penetrates your roof. Holes can form that let water, debris, glass shards and other hail pieces fall in.

Storms in the Dallas area can be so powerful they bring hail. Unfortunately, there’s not much preparation you can do other than replacing your shingles. If the hail is powerful enough, it will penetrate your roof.

You can always make sure your roof is impact-resistant to further protect your roof from damage.

If you find dents and divots after a hail storm, you’ll need to get your roof repaired by Dallas commercial roofing. You may even need to get your roof fully replaced.

In this case, be warned that insurance premiums will increase.

Heavy Rain

Any Dallas commercial roofing service will agree water damage is the worst kind of weather damage that will affect your roof. Water damage can become so severe, you could need a new roof altogether.

In Dallas, intense storms roll through often. These storms bring heavy rain. Without the powerful support from a quality roof, your home could suffer through heavy rains.

Most people commonly notice water damage on the inside of their roof. Water will seep through the exterior and start to do damage the underside.

Since Dallas suffers plenty of storms, you should always be on the lookout for water damage. The best way to prevent water damage is to replace your shingles.


All Texans are familiar with tornadoes. You should always be prepared for the possibility of a tornado and the damage it will cause.

Tornadoes love coming after your roof. They can completely tear a roof off a home or business.

Or, a tornado can cause minor damage as well. This includes damage from fallen debris.

In cases of tornadoes, there isn’t much you can do except ask a Dallas commercial roofing service for advice. Just make sure you have great home insurance before the tornado hits.

Snow and Ice

Unfortunately, Dallas doesn’t get a break after the water damage risks during the spring months. When snow and ice come in the winter, Dallas residents have to worry about more water damage.

Snow and ice accumulate on the roof. When it melts and penetrates the exterior, you have water damage.

More snow and ice melt when you have the heat in your home turned on. This water can become trapped in the gutters and downspouts.

If the water doesn’t affect your gutters or downspouts, it can penetrate the exterior. This will cause water damage on the inside.

When this happens, your roof has to endure the weight. You have to regularly remove this snow and ice to prevent water damage.

However, this is very dangerous. If you try and remove the snow and ice, you could seriously injure yourself. Certain objects, such as shovels, can also damage the shingles.

If too much snow and ice accumulate, call Dallas commercial roofing services. They will remove all snow and ice from all aspects of the roof (pipes, gutters, skylights, etc.) and fix any damage.

Extreme Heat

All Texans know how brutal summers are. It gets extremely hot, making Dallas practically unbearable. Therefore, you stay inside and turn up your air conditioning.

Even though Texas doesn’t have a lot of humidity, air conditioning can create condensation that traps the water. This risk increases if you’re A/C unit is on top of your roof; the unit can cause a leak, resulting in water damage.

You shouldn’t have to compromise your A/C to protect your roof and vice versa.

Make sure your A/C is in working order. If the unit is installed on your roof, make sure it was installed properly. Make sure there’s good ventilation so moisture doesn’t get stuck in your house.

You also want to ensure your roof is in good order. The shingles should be new and no repairs needed. If your A/C unit is on your roof, make sure it was installed correctly.

Dallas commercial roofing services will be able to tell you.


It doesn’t happen often, but Dallas can be affected by hurricanes. If a hurricane moves from the Gulf of Mexico and makes its way to Dallas, then the city will get hit with the heavy rains and winds.

Fortunately, hurricanes are weaker when they hit Dallas because of the distance from the coast. Compared to other cities such as Houston, which gets hit severely, Dallas may only experience small, residual storms.

But Dallas residents should always be prepared in case a hurricane hits.

The most problematic factor for a hurricane are the winds. The winds are powerful enough to rip off your shingles. If not your shingles, hurricanes can knock down trees that will topple on to your roof.

Other debris can also make an impact; while not as powerful, debris can cause damage to the shingles and even leave dents.

Before a hurricane, always get your shingles replaced by Dallas commercial roofing services. Cut as many trees as you can. You can’t do more preparation than that, but it will help prevent any damage to your roof.

The Hot Sun

You probably wouldn’t think the sun could damage your roof. But those grueling summer months can cause serious damage.

When the sun is hot, it causes roof problems. The biggest problem is roof deterioration.

This is especially true in Texas. The state gets extremely hot in the summer, and Dallas residents can feel it. When the sun’s UV rays, IR radiation, and thermal expansion are in full force, it can weaken the structure of your roof.

Make sure you know the materials your roof is made of. Certain roof materials have better protection from the sun than others.

Next time you call Dallas commercial roofing, ask their opinion on sun damage. See if your roof has proper protection from the sun.

Additional Advice

Dallas has complex weather patterns. You never know what storm will be blowing through, and how it can damage your roof.

You know the weather concerns Dallas faces, so pay attention to the following advice to prevent getting water damage or any other detrimental issue.

Replace Your Roof

Always get a new roof; the recommendation is a new one every 20 years. The older the roof, the more likely it will be damaged by storms and other weather issues.

Replacing the shingles can only help so much. When the whole structure of the roof is outdated, it has the possibility of sustaining other types of damage. Before difficult weather conditions arise, replace your roof.

If you purchased or started renting a home recently and aren’t sure of the age of your roof, try and ask your realtor, your landlord, or get an idea from a Dallas commercial roofing service.

Look for Stains and Leaks

These are the first signs of roof damage. Don’t be surprised if you notice leaks after a major storm. Make sure you call Dallas commercial roofing services the minute you notice these leaks.

If the Sun is Visible

If you can see the sunshine during the summer, this is the first sign that deterioration could be occurring. This issue is usually caused by the hot sun. You’ll need to call Dallas commercial roofing services and get your roof fixed.

Shingle Granules Wearing Off

Are you finding shingle granules in your gutter? This means they’re wearing off. This happens when a severe storm hits.

Call Dallas commercial roofing services to inspect the damage. Granules help protect your shingles. So it’s important they’re in top condition.

Look at the Shingles

Are your shingles curling? This means they’re deteriorating. This can be caused by a majority of factors but usually happens with the hot sun or snow and ice damage.

You’ll need to replace your shingles, which isn’t a hard task.

Sagging Roof

Is your roof sagging or caving in? If so, it’s time to replace your roof. This sagging means the roof’s structure is weakening.

In case of a major hail storm or even snow, the roof won’t be able to hold.

If you don’t contact Dallas commercial roofing services, the damage could get worse.

Sheathing Issues

This usually means the shingles are in poor condition. The undersides of the sheathing could sustain moisture and water damage, causing stains. Either way, sheathing issues means the roof isn’t sturdy anymore.

If you notice anything wrong with the sheathing, you’ll need a new roof.

Weather-Proof Materials

You want your roof to protect your home for a lifetime. However, your roof can receive damage. If you want your roof to remain sturdy, look into any of these materials when building or replacing your roof:

  • Asphalt
  • Wood
  • Slate
  • Metal

To prevent the sun from damaging your shingles, look into these materials:

  • Radiant Barriers
  • Slat Tiles
  • Clay Roofs
  • Green Roofs

Repair Your Roof with Dallas Commercial Roofing

Your roof is one of the most valuable aspects of your home but can sustain a lot of weather damage.

As a homeowner, the best thing you can do is make sure your roof is always in good condition. And always keep on the lookout for leaks and any other signs of damage.

If you’re in Dallas and need help with your roof, give us a call.