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When weighing the costs of commercial roof repairs, it may be tempting to put the project off until later or attempt a “do-it-yourself” job.

Waiting until “later” can result in an even costlier problem.

If you don’t have critical repair work performed as soon as possible, you could even end up having to have your entire roof replaced.

“Do it yourself” commercial roof repairs can turn into a catastrophe when taken into one’s own hands. Even the most capable home handyman will encounter unfamiliar territory with commercial buildings.

You will soon realize that commercial and residential buildings are not the same.

Many commercial roofing problems should be trusted to professional Irving roofers.

Do you know when to call the roofing pros?

You can save time, money, and energy if you know when to rely on commercial roofing expertise.

Find out which roof repairs are always best left to the experts!

7 Problems for Professional Irving Roofers

1. Your Roof Has Been Hit With Hail Damage

In the spring of this year, many Texans were forced to weather storms that included considerable amounts of hail.

Unfortunately, the storms caused hail damage to a significant number of homes and businesses across the state. Roofs were among the areas hit the hardest.

While Texans scrambled to recover, reporters urged caution when choosing who would perform repairs. Because Texas does not require roofers to have a license, business owners must hire honest and reputable commercial roofers.

If you suspect hail damage, will need professional Irving roofers to inspect your roof. Ignoring hail damage could cost much more in the long run.

If you are unsure if your roof has been damaged, or to what extent, then it’s best to have it checked out by professionals who will be able to recognize signs of trouble and offer you options to repair the affected areas.

Any noticeable damage caused by storms, including hail, should be tended to promptly so the problem does not worsen.

2. A Tree Has Fallen on Your Roof

Sometimes storm damage includes fallen trees. And, sometimes trees fall on the roofs of homes and businesses, creating an immediate, and often major, problem.

It’s not always a storm that causes a tree to fall. Old trees or top-heavy trees may fall spontaneously. Luckily, in most of these situations, regardless of the weather, insurance policies will cover necessary repairs to the roof of your home or business.

However, there are times when insurance may not cover the removal of the tree that caused the damage. This is especially true if the fall was not caused by a storm. You should check with your insurance policy to find out specifically what is covered.

In many situations, tree damage will hinder your business from functioning normally.

The inconvenience will prompt you to have this problem fixed as soon as possible. But, even if you are able to get by, you need to call Irving roofers who can contain the damage and repair any holes.

3. A Leaking Roof

If you ever notice water dripping through your ceiling, or if you notice areas that are damp, brown, or appear to have water damage, you must call commercial roofing specialists.

A leak will almost certainly grow over time.The longer that you wait, the greater the chances of incurring a more expensive repair job. So, it’s crucial to call Irving roofers at the first sign of a leak.

4. Noticeable Buckling

If you notice an area on top of your roof that is buckling then you need to call Irving roofers to check it out. Sometimes, the repair may not be extensive.

However, major areas of damage can signify improper installation, which may require replacing the roof in its entirety.

5. You’re Moving

Moving into a new place? Be sure to call commercial roofers before you unload your things into your new office space.

If there are minor repairs, they can be done prior to moving day.

However, if there is substantial damage beyond what meets the eye there could be major problems ahead. It might even be reason enough to choose an alternate location.

Either way, repairs are much easier when they don’t cause a disruption to your daily schedule. Have the roofers examine your new address in plenty of time to allow them to complete the job before you have to move in.

6. Annual Inspection

Even if you do not notice any roof damage, a professional inspection is recommended bi-annually. And they recommend additional self-checks to be done throughout the year as needed.

If you are not familiar with signs of disrepair, then you might choose to have a professional inspection done more often.

Professionals can spot damage that others can’t. And, they may be able to divert a major, costly undertaking in your future by taking care of minor repairs along the way.

7. A Second Opinion

If the commercial roofing company performing your inspection recommends costly repairs or replacement of your roof, then you may want a second opinion.

Although you may indeed need a new roof, it might ease your mind if you have two opinions to compare. In fact, some recommend that you get three opinions when the cost is significant.

There are some roofers who will attempt to scam customers.

Make sure that the Irving roofers that you choose are credible, reputable, and trusted by prior customers. This will minimize your chances of being taken advantage of during the repair process.

Have You Scheduled Your Annual Roof Inspection?

If you have not had a recent roof inspection, it’s time to call expert Irving roofers who can spot any problems.

Extensive and costly roof repairs may be avoided if you take a proactive approach. This is also true of replacing your roof.

Do you need to schedule a roof inspection?

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