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Looking for a trusted and high-quality roofing company in Dallas?

Don’t settle for the first team you find online. Roofing is expensive and if the team you hired fails then your costs will shoot up the roof.

Some might be scams and others won’t have the training and expertise you’re looking for.

For your commercial and residential roofing needs, take the time to do the following 11 steps. These tips will help you find the best roofing company in the area.

Read Online Reviews

One of the first steps is to read online reviews of each roofing company in Dallas. Don’t settle for only a few reviews either. It is a better idea to look for at least five to ten reviews to see the average opinion regarding each roofing company.

Can you trust these online reviews? A recent study revealed that while there are a few fake reviews, they fall under 10% of the grand total. By reading more than a few reviews, you’ll be able to spot the fake ones and see what the honest reviewers have to say.

Reviews should be the first things to look into because they reveal the truth about a company. If a roofing company in Dallas makes big claims, those reviews will let you know if the company can live up to those promises.

It is important to note that reviewing behavior is changing.

For companies like Uber, a rating below 4.6 out of 5 can already lead to a driver getting kicked out of the system. This makes a 4.6 look and function more like a flat zero. Always make it a point to read the criticisms instead of only looking at the numbers to understand the depth of the consumer’s review.

Compare Quotes

Most companies will let you get an estimate of the total costs. Hold on to that quote and then ask another roofing company in Dallas for a quote. Compare the prices and see which one gives you the better deal.

Don’t look only at the final prices. You want to make sure to look into what services those quotes include. A cheaper price might mean getting lower quality results and a roof that needs constant repairs.

Also, keep in mind that the quotes are not final. There are many more factors that need a roofing company in Dallas needs to consider before they can give a final price. You can only use those quotes as a rough estimate of what you’ll spend.

It is important to remember that tax is often not included in a price quote. You can call the roofing company in Dallas and ask how to calculate the additional taxes to get a more realistic estimate.

Set a Meeting

Calling a roofing company in Dallas should only be the first step, not the last.

When able, make it a point to schedule a meeting. You’ll want to talk to the company’s representatives in person and try to meet the team in charge. There are topics you might want to discuss in detail and these are best when done in person.

If you’ve narrowed down the companies you prefer to hire, try to invite them over to your home. Let them see the condition of your roof so they can give you a better quote based on their observations.

By visiting your place in person, the roofing company can determine what kind of services your roof needs and what materials work best. This means they can give you a more accurate quote. It will also give you a chance to measure how they work and what kind of work ethics they follow.

Even if they cannot visit your location, you should still try to set up a meeting. It will give you the opportunity to fully explain your needs and the kind of roofing service you want. It also gives the roofing company a chance to lay out all their services and prices to avoid confusion.

Speak with Previous Customers

Yes, reading reviews is a good first step but if you’re about to spend a lot of money on a roofing company in Dallas you might want to go one step further. Try asking for testimonials from previous clients and hear what they have to say.

They can give you a more accurate story regarding their experience with the company. They can tell you if the company was honest, how well the final roofing job holds up, and more. They can also verify if the reviews you’ve read were accurate.

If possible, ask if you can drive and visit their location to see the final product. Looking at their roof might give you a better impression of what to expect from the roofing company you’ll hire.

Check Licensing and Certificates

Every business needs to have some licenses and certificates to be legal. Before you hire a roofing company in Dallas, make sure to check if they have all the required licenses and permits.

It’s an icing on the cake if they have additional certificates. These certificates prove they’re a cut above the rest. They’ve gone through the trouble of getting higher-end training and are true masters of their craft.

What kind of licenses and certificates should they have? Look for the basics, like:

  • Local business permits
  • State contracting licenses
  • Safety inspection certificate
  • Zoning and planning approval

It’s a bigger bonus if the company also has a GAF Certified Maintenance Professional rating and certificate. A CMP has the support of the country’s largest roofing manufacturer.

Even when a company in Dallas shows licenses and other papers, make sure to take a closer look. They might be showing you an expired permit. Always take the time to check if they are still legally operating.

Experienced Roofing Company in Dallas

With that in mind, you will also want to check how many years that roofing company in Dallas has under their belt. Is the company new or is it ten years old and more? A more experienced company is, almost by default, a more reliable choice.

Newer companies still need to prove themselves so you might find some that use radical and new techniques or equipment. They want to be a step ahead of the crowd.

An older, more experienced company already proved its worth to the market. The reason they’re still around is that they’ve weathered through difficult times. They now know what to do and what to avoid.

Other new companies will cheat to look like they have more experience, so beware of those scams. When a company says they’ve been in the business for years, take the time to scrutinize and verify if this information is true.

Test Their Customer Service

Customer service can make or break a transaction. 78% of customers quit a transaction because of poor customer service, even if they’re already on the cusp of making a purchase or sealing a transaction deal.

Even if the roofing company in Dallas is good at their job, the experience will feel painful for you if their customer service is atrocious. Take some time to test how their customer service is.

This is why it’s a good idea to call the roofing company and ask for a quote. When you do this, make it a habit of asking for every little detail. This can help you gauge how patient their service representatives are and how well-trained they are.

If the representatives can answer your questions, it proves they are an authority in this field. There’s nothing scarier than hiring a roofing company that cannot answer basic questions or explains their services to you on the phone. They might do even worse when on the job.

Safety Measures

A third of fall-related fatalities from 1992 to 2009 were falling accidents from roofs. This accounts for 6,591 deaths. Workers in the roofing industry are three times more likely to experience fatal injuries while at work.

With that said, it’s important to check a Dallas roofing company’s safety measures. You should check what kind of safety procedures the roofing company follows.

Look for safety advances such as:

  • Proper safety equipment
  • Certificates for large machines
  • Certificates for safety training
  • List of safety procedures
  • List of hazardous materials

If the roofing company in Dallas can provide these, it shows they don’t take safety lightly. It proves they are serious about handling everyone’s safety. This is important because it means they won’t do a sub-par job on your roof.

Look Into Insurances

What kind of insurances do you get with the roofing company?

Do they have coverage in case the workers and the roofing job damages other parts of your house? Is there coverage to guarantee you get your money back if they fail to finish the job? Make it a point to look into these options.

You will want to check if the insurances and their fees reflect the estimate they told you. If not, ask them what kind of insurances they have and how the payments work. Make sure you get the coverage you need and want.

An insurance can guarantee high-quality roofing. If you’re a commercial business in need of roofing, the quality of your roof can make or break your success when it comes to annual inspections.

A roofing company that doesn’t offer the best insurance options isn’t a safe choice. Even if they are careful and well-trained, accidents and mistakes can still happen. Who will pay for the damages when those incidents occur?

Details of the Cost Estimate

When you get your quote, take a moment to look into it and see what it covers.

Does it include the cost of the removal of the old roof? Does the estimate also include transport fees? You might only see an estimate for the roof servicing but not for other miscellaneous expenses.

If the company offers metal roofing installation, does the company include the material costs? Do they have an array of material choices or is it up to you to buy what you want?

This is also where a lot of people get confused. The quote might look cheap but it doesn’t include all the other fees. Customers then get mad and confused when they don’t realize why the quote and final costs are different.

You might also find a roofing company in Dallas that uses a vague quote to scam their clients. Be wary of these companies because they’ll say everything is in the quote but will surprise you with hidden charges.

Physical Address

One of the first red flags of a scam is when the company has no physical address. If they have no permanent office, you won’t be able to track them down in case problems arise. If they scam you, you won’t be able to chase them.

A roofing company in Dallas should have an office in the local area. If they say they operate within Dallas but their office is out of the city then you should beware of possible scam tactics.

Some companies move often. Take the time to check Google Maps and drive over to the location to verify if it’s still there or if it even exists. You can take the time too to check what kind of materials and equipment they have.

A physical address is also proof that the company knows the area. It shows they’ve been in the city and they know all the zoning regulation laws to follow. It also means they know which materials and safety measures they need to undertake when working on your roof.

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