roofing company in texas

Problems with the roof are always a stressful ordeal. The combination of being out of reach with the prospect of paying hundreds for even the smallest repairs is daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be!

Before you gear up to be the living embodiment of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor from Home Improvement, you should put a little more thought into a DIY repair. For one, the risk of an imperfect fix is just not one that is worth the price saved by not hiring a professional roofing company in Texas. A small problem can quickly grow into a big hazard to your house and family.

Your search for a great roofing company in Texas starts here. We have 12 good reasons why you should hire one and how to find one, too.

1. Estimates, Guarantees, and Warranties

An often overlooked perk of hiring a roofing company in Texas is the ability to get an expert’s opinion and free estimates on what you need done to the roof. Some companies will even go out of their way to inspect your roof and interior to get the most accurate service.

Your cousin who has done a few tile jobs or home repairs might be cheaper, but they aren’t going to give you much in the way of a guarantee.

Remember, you’re not just paying for the parts, materials, and labor when you hire a roofing company in Texas–the guarantee shouldn’t be taken for granted. A labor and materials warranty is also worth the price of admission.

The last thing you want is to be sitting in your living room five years from now and your brand new roof starts showing signs of mold and water damage.

This can and often does happen when repair or installation jobs cut corners or rushes steps to save on time and money.

2. Qualified and Experienced Workers

Repairing a roof, no matter how straight-forward the job may seem, is never easy. You can’t factor in unexpected variables, such as weather, underlying problems, or safety risks into the cost of a repair. This is why a roofing company in Texas may appear expensive at face-value.

Having the knowledge and experience of a roofing company in Texas means knowing specialized techniques that can’t be learned online. Things like the proper removal of material, securing of new materials, and efficiency to get the job done fast and accurate the first time. Certified and licensed contractors must pass a certain level of skill to be able to work on people’s roofs.

When you hire a roofing company in Texas, you get access to professional, responsible, and accountable workers who can adapt to any adversity and won’t compromise on quality.

Your uncle Carl might have to improvise when he discovers that he needs to navigate around solar panels that he has no experience with.

Something as “simple” as finding the leak in a roof can be extremely difficult to pinpoint. The last thing you want to do is exasperate the problem and create an even bigger leak.

3. Smart Investment

When you factor in time spared, potential blunders that can cost a fortune, and the materials you’ll require, a professional job isn’t more costly when contrasted with just shooting from the hip. Any amateur is going to be pulling stuff off of store shelves at huge markups.

While the materials utilized on the repair on installation affect the bottom line on your venture, the cost of the undertaking can prove to be more expensive as mistakes happen, the job takes longer than expected, and your repair isn’t attractive to look at.

When looking for the best roofing company in Texas, get a few statements to broaden your pool of competitors. It’s assessed that the cost and work for a black-top rooftop for a 1,000-plus square-foot house in urban markets averages about $4,00 and $6,000.

4. Safety and Security

The thought of being liable for an amateur roof repair accident should enough alone to reconsider the DIY method. Even if we’re talking a flat roof and not a sloped roof, the height of the roof isn’t something to gamble with. To put things in perspective, nearly 40% of all construction-related deaths were due to falls in 2016.

These statistics come from professional construction workers, what do you think that number becomes when we’re talking off the record construction? The only safe work that can be done on a roof is work done as a team. Contractors stay safe by following safety protocols and having someone watching their back.

Any reputable roofing company in Texas will utilize only the best safety equipment and practice OSHA standards with no exceptions. Oh, yeah, the added liability insurance will protect you and your property in the case an accident does happen.

5. Seamless Repairs and Installs

The one thing you can guarantee by hiring a professional is that they will not and cannot afford to have any inconsistencies in their work. Anything looking out of place, off balance, or rough around the edges can be disputed. When you let family handle your roof, it’s always a tough situation to complain, especially on cosmetic grounds.

How your roof looks is important, it affects your ‘curb appeal’ and, in the worst cases, affects your code compliance. Home Owner’s Insurance is notorious for getting on your case for uniformity. If there are any mistakes made, too much material used, for example, it can be difficult to correct that after a job is finished.

6. Time-Saving Efficiency

Even if doing it yourself or hiring a relative can save you a ton of money, there’s always the problem of how long a repair or installation can take. You have to factor in things like weather, gathering of materials, and the job itself. Any unexpected roadblocks can even cause the whole job to be started all over again.

Any delays in a repair can open you up to possible insect infiltration, water damage, or citation. It takes time to get permits approved, too, on your own. A professional roofing company in Texas can take care of most home roof repairs in just a day.

Installation of new roofs is done in careful increments to prevent any vulnerabilities or setbacks that cause work to be repeated and time wasted.

7. Increasing ‘Curb Appeal’

If you ever decide to sell your home, your new roof or roof repair needs to look good. In order to stand out from any neighboring properties, you should be thinking about how your roof will appear next to theirs. One way to do that is to install new shingles, solar panels, or a new roof altogether.

Besides, an investment in an upgrade or new roof is an investment in your home. New roof investments pay for themselves, and then some. You can increase your home’s value by as much as $12,000 with the addition of a new roof.

You not having proof that your roof was installed by professionals can actually hurt your curb appeal. Buyers frown upon this and will always fear the worst: a hidden problem from an amateur job. Plus, any new owner is going to appreciate the legal protection that a warranty offers over personal guarantees.

8. Getting Deals on Materials/Products

So, let’s pretend that hypothetically, you or someone you asked to work on your roof is skilled enough to get the job done. You’re still faced with inflated cost of materials. A roofing company in Texas has the connections to suppliers that will open the doors to better, cheaper materials.

If you want to have the best of the best residential roofing material, you can expect the average cost to be 50% or even double your initial estimate. That is, if you decide to go at it alone. For example, why settle for standard composite shingles when you could get the most durable and attractive shingles, like Spanish Tiles, which will last you over 100 years.

9. Choosing to Replace or Repair

This is a big decision you might have to face if your roof is in bad shape. Going cheap and refusing to hire a professional contractor might result in you finding out this inconvenient truth after spending hundreds.

Hiring an experienced roofer will give you the opportunity to come to your senses and make a sound decision.

A big advantage to replacing your roof over repairing is that it opens up the opportunity to incorporate energy-saving construction that is often lacking on old roofs. Patching can only delay the inevitable anyway. Once the roof starts to sag or become harder to patch, your luck is all but out.

10. Know that Your Roof is Take Care Of

With good information and experience, material experts will furnish you with a strong assessment of your rooftop’s condition and prescribe which type of work is best for your personal needs.

Regardless of whether it’s a couple of patches or a whole redesign, a specialist will take care of business proficiently, safely, and accessibly.

When you see wearing, tearing, or harm to your rooftop, call on an experienced company instantly. They will direct you through the most ideal approach to tackle the issue.

Since they have a lot of industry connections that any DIYer essentially couldn’t have (unless they are a resigned material contractual worker themselves), they are better to spot issues and suggest arrangements, allowing you to spend less time stressing and at ease knowing that your house is in good hands.

11. Support Local Businesses

This is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Hiring local businesses is very important in today’s economy. Putting money back into the local economy benefits everyone.

There are a lot of local businesses out there that directly contribute and invest in their communities. When you take a look at how big corporations and small businesses affect the local economy, studies show that local businesses create more jobs and support their workers with both better pay and benefits.

You invest in the business, who then pay their employees more, who will then be able to spend more into local businesses. This is how communities stay strong and continue to grow.

12. Compliance with Local Building Codes

While rarely focused on by some roofing companies in Texas, building codes have been emphasized more in recent years. During the early 2000s, there was less talk about building codes and they were loosely enforced. That isn’t the case these days.

Texas has been working to keep up with the International Building Code’s values, trying to increase energy efficiency of all buildings. The reason being is that homes and properties account for nearly 40% of the state’s energy usage. The need for savings is very important.

The state is expected to save $1 billion annually by 2030, but let’s not forget the savings you can experience from a roof that is up to code. Don’t let any outside contractors convince you otherwise.

Finding a Roofing Company in Texas

As you can see, doing work on your roof is anything but a simple job. Tackling this problem on your own is just not worth it in the long-term. Instead, take this opportunity to research a roofing company in Texas who can go above and beyond your needs.

At SPS Roofing, we know the value of a reliable, beautiful, and modern roof. We have experience working on projects both big and small. Special considerations are no issue, our experience allows for budget-conscious renovations and repairs.

If you still have questions after reading this guide, feel free to contact us. We offer free consultations and estimates over the phone. Tell us what problems you’re having with your roof or what your ideal roof looks like.

We aren’t just roofing contractors, we’re homeowners and customers, too. We understand how stressful it can be when dealing with a home repair of this size.