Avoid Out of Town Roofers

The desire for homeowners or business owners to quickly have a roof fixed or replaced sometimes entices less-than-reputable roofers to blow into town for a shot at scoring some customers looking for immediate service, especially after a disaster or severe storm. It may seem like a good idea to get the work done sooner rather than later if you’re in a pinch; but here’s why you should avoid out of town roofers.

They Tend to Be Storm Chasers

Fraudulent roofing contractors tend to prey on vulnerable homeowners at a time when they know stress levels are high and guards are let down. So, be suspicious of any unfamiliar roofers who suddenly come a knocking and offering their services.

The operation of a “storm chaser” is to come into town after severe weather occurs. They’ll then offer to repair storm damage at little or no cost to an unsuspecting homeowner. They usually do this by encouraging homeowners to use their home insurance policies.

There are some legitimate companies that do, on occasion, come to the aid of communities outside of their normal service areas. True storm chasers, however, tend to be companies that actively swoop in immediately after a storm before claims investigators can start doing their thing.

The Workmanship Is Usually Poor

Homeowners sometimes get burned by out of town roofers because they know how insurance companies work. Therefore, they can get a pretty good idea of how much it will cost to put on a cheap new roof or perform inferior repairs.

Out of town storm chasers have no incentive to do quality work, or more than the bare minimum. By the time a problem does arise, they’ll be gone! And you’ll be left dealing with issues that may include:

  • More roof damage when another storm occurs
  • Leaks and other issues that could further damage your home
  • Issues with your home insurance company when you try to get inferior work fixed

They Might Take Your Deposit and Disappear

Some out of town storm chasers will claim to be able to do the work for free based on the size of the homeowner’s insurance deductible. Other times, they’ll ask for deposit before they start the work – only to disappear altogether and never do the work. If this happens, you’ll be dealt another financial blow at the worst possible time!

They Won’t Be Around for Warranty Issues

Lastly, out of town roofers will likely be unreachable if you should have any warranty issues with your repaired, replaced, or newly installed roof. This could leave you having to pay for additional work out of your own pocket.

The Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission are aware of issues with out of town roofers, which is why they advise homeowners not to sign anything when approached by eager, out of town roofing contractors. Sure, some local roofers can get busy, especially following a storm. However, you’ll ultimately be better off turning to a reputable local roofer.