Hail Damage Roof Replacement

When we see hail coming down the size of tennis balls, damage to a roof can be severe. An obvious sign of damage from hail is denting in the flashing around the border of the roof. Additionally, if you have asphalt shingles, you might notice a lot of mineral granules in the gutters and downspouts. This comes off the roof shingle when hail pounds the rooftop. Other signs of hail damage include:

  • Holey spots in the asphalt material on the roof, which also appear as pellet sized tears.
  • Shingle bruising or other damage to shingles. Oftentimes, this is first noticed from a distance and requires further inspection.
  • Cracking on the asphalt shingles. An experienced roofer would notice this upon inspection.
  • With a slate tile roof, you might notice perforations and fractures on the slate tile.
  • With a metal roof, you might see various sizes of dents on the surface.

After a hailstorm, many homeowners experience roof damage. Consequently, most call their insurance company to get an estimate for repairs. It might seem like the right thing to do, but oftentimes, it is not the best thing for the homeowner. In many cases, it might be better to contact a roofing company first. A roofing company works hand in hand with most insurance companies, and they are more familiar with their practices for estimates. A professional roofing company like SPS Roofing  can be your advocate throughout the process by making sure the insurance company does not treat you wrong.

Most homeowners dread filing a claim with their insurance company. The procedure is painful and takes many hours of your time. Alternatively, calling a roofing company first takes the work off the homeowner. There are several advantages of contacting a professional roofing company first. To begin with, the roofing company helps negotiate the claim with the insurance company. Additionally, they help you with the paperwork involved for the insurance company.

Roofing experts and insurance adjusters are not the same. A professional roofing company comes out to assess the hail damage by performing a precise and thorough inspection. Not only does the roofing company look for all surface damages, they inspect even further to find any unknown water damages or other fundamental problems. Alternatively, insurance adjusters often miss the underlying issues resulting in continued deterioration of the roof. Once the roofing company inspects the roof, they send their appraisal directly to the insurance company.

If you feel that your roof has suffered damage from a hailstorm, contact an expert roofing company like SPS Roofing as soon as possible to help you get started with the installation of your new roof today.