Roof Replacement Cost

Your roof has stood the test of time and has served you well. Unfortunately, everything gets old and scrappy, including your roof. It’s time to think about getting it replaced. If you are a first-timer or haven’t replaced a roof recently, you probably have multiple questions in your mind. How much will a new roofing system cost you? What should you expect while going through your options? Read on to get all the facts.

Costs breakdown

It would be difficult to point the finger at the exact roof replacement cost since different roof types come at different prices, labor expenses vary and also the pitch of the roof. To begin with, you need to identify the type of roof you want to be installed after discarding the old one. Asphalt shingles will cost you an average of $4 to $6 per square foot. Metal roofs would fetch about $15000 for about 1500 square foot area of roof cover. Clay tiles cost a bit higher coming at about $25000 for 1500 square foot roof area. The mentioned roof materials are one of the most commonly found options that you may want to consider depending on the budgets.

Labor also accounts for the replacement costs seeing that the entire task cannot be handled lightly. The cost of labor is highly dependent on the material. For instance, wood shakes and metal tiles are more difficult to install compared to asphalt shingles. Also, the design on your roof may deter the labor costs. You expect to pay more for complex roof designs roof replacements.

In most cases, labor accounts for about 60% of the total cost of your roof replacement procedure. For instance, if you estimate the re-roofing cost of asphalt shingles to be $6000 for a 1500 square foot area, labor may cost you about $3600. The material of the roof cover, adhesives and felt underlayment pertain for the remaining 40%. Roofing contractors may also defer in expertise. Cheap labor should be least desired while reasonable rates come in as the most desired rates.

Labor rates also differ with locations. Some locations have lower standards of living and should reflect the cost of services. Depending on your area of residence, labor costs may affect the entire figure for the roof replacement procedure.

Once you have figured out that you need to replace your roof, research on all the parameters that may affect the final figure. It would be a good idea to look deeply into long-lasting solutions to save you the money and energy of repeating the process after a short period. Are you looking for roof installing contractors? SPS Roofing features the best rates and labor to unburden the load for you. Contact us for all your roofing needs.