Leaking Roof

Help! My roof has sprung a leak and there’s not room in the budget for a new one! If your Texas home is at risk due to a roof leak, there is help.

Threats to Your Roof

Texas is rough on roofs. Not only is there the threat of hail when a summer storm rolls through, but we enjoy loads of sunshine and some areas get quite a bit of wind. If the elements have been hard on your home, we can help you protect your home.

Our Installation Expertise

One of the less obvious risks to your roof is damage from heat build up. During the hottest part of a Texas summer, the heat that builds up in your attic can put your shingles at risk. However, with the right ventilation built in, your roof will breathe and protect your shingles from heat damage.

Our Services

In addition to correctly installing a great roof that will last for years, we offer a residential maintenance program. Services include keeping the roof and gutters clean, checking pipe jacks and flashing for damage or leaks, and keeping an eye on your shingle condition, particularly after storms.

Financing is Available

If your roof has simply aged out of its usefulness or insurance isn’t enough to cover the damages, we can help. Financing is available and the application process is convenient. Don’t wait for the damage to get worse or for the interior of your home to suffer serious damage. Contact us to set up a Green Sky account to fund your new roof. This account will make the payment process easy and give you access to your new roof funding immediately.

This Problem Won’t Go Away

A leaky roof rapidly leads to a great deal of damage and expense. Rather than ignoring it and hoping it will go away, consider contacting SPS Roofing about their financing options. Additionally, we can help you make changes around your home, such as tree maintenance, that will reduce the risk to your roof in the future.

Final Thoughts

Springtime in Texas is beautiful, but Mother Nature can be hard on houses. If storms, trees, sun or time have done damage to your roof and you have to get it fixed, SPS Roofing is here with several options to help you put a new “lid” on your home.