Roof Scammers

Many homeowners have fallen in the hands of scam roofers. These unethical roofing contractors are out there to do shoddy or unnecessary roofing repairs and replacements. Different from what most people think, scam roofers usually target budget-conscious families, and this is why many people fall victim. Scammers look for areas with a high population of the old generation and the areas prone to storm damages.

Unlike the legitimate roofing companies like SPS Roofing that have websites and physical address, most scammers don’t have all that. They walk around seeking roof repair jobs and often claim that the reputable roofing contractors are expensive. Scam roofers want to do the work immediately and walk away with your money. They tend to have an inexperienced team that uses low-quality materials to fix your roof. If you want to avoid falling victim of the unethical roofers, here are three ways to identify them:

1. Mysterious Roof Damages

Probably your house is still in good shape even after a storm. Suddenly, a young man knocks at your door and claims to have noticed a problem with your roof. He pinpoints vague damages here and there and explains what needs to be done in technical terms that you cannot understand. In the end, you are tempted to hire him to fix those imaginary damages. This is one of the common warning signs that you are dealing with a scam roofer. Unless you can identify a problem with your roof, don’t hire the contractor. Instead, ask him to leave and call in a reputable roofing contractor you can trust to inspect your roof.

2. Scam Roofers Run After The Storm

Opportunistic scam roofers often visit areas hit by hurricanes. They understand that you are worried that your roof may be damaged by the storm and are there to take advantage of the bad weather. They often move from house to house advertising their services and promising to fix damaged roofs immediately. Scammers are usually few when there are no storms. Their business names are suspicious, and they register companies under different names to hide their evil motive.

In most cases, scam roofers offer attractive discounts. They can promise to repair or replace your roof then file an insurance claim. Even though you are not going to pay the price, the scam roofing contractors get paid by the insurance company. What’s wrong with that? Well, the scammers possibly replaced quality materials with poor quality ones. The roof might develop problems sooner than you expect, and this will translate to more costs and inconveniences.

3. Low Ball Bids

Most scam contractors offer to fix your roof at significantly low prices. They set their rates far below the standard rates of in the region. But it doesn’t end there; they increase the cost once the project is underway and blame it to the inflated price of materials or unforeseen problems.

It is essential to research thoroughly and compare the rates of different roof contractors. Once you identify a reliable company like SPS Roofers, discuss the project and costs before you sign a contract. Ensure the agreement protects you from unforeseen issues and hidden charges.

Scam roofers are on the rise. They are out to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners and commercial property owners. The warning signs we have highlighted above can prevent you from falling victim.