Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

It is the hope of every homeowner that the roof of their home will not need replacement soon. If your roof is damaged, you need to consider roof repairs vs. replacement and make and make the best choice. A reliable roofing contractor like SPS Roofing can help you make an informed decision. The roofing expert can repair minor roof defects or undertake the entire roof replacement project. Before you go for repair or replacement, here are a few things you need to understand.

What Roof Repairs Entail

Every homeowner understands roof replacement, which involves removing all roofing materials before installing new ones. Roof repairs are different because most of the materials are left intact. Most people think that repairs are easy to handle than roof replacement projects, but the truth is that both can be difficult. They require experienced professionals. Repairs involve fixing minor issues to restore the roof to its original state. The cost and requirements of each repair task depend on the nature and extent of the damages.

When Are Roof Repairs Necessary?

A contractor needs to inspect your roof to determine if repairs or replacement is necessary. You should always keep records of previous inspections, repairs and maintenance practices carried out. This will help your roofing contractor to figure out when it is time to replace your roof. Repairs are usually done when your roof is in excellent condition with no severe leaks, decay, calves and damaged beams or shingles. The contractor will always recommend repairs if some parts are moist, decaying or missing.

When Do You Replace Your Roof?

Roofs with significant damages need replacement. If your roof is decaying or has multiple leaking parts, the roofing contractor may recommend roof replacement. Replacement often means eliminating shingles and underlayment and replacing them with new or different ones. It may also mean installing another layer of roofing materials over the existing one. Large patches of decaying parts and moisture in the decks often warrant a roof replacement. If the cost of repairing the damaged parts is almost equal to the replacement cost, replacing the roof is the best option.

Making The Right Decision

Roof repair is a favorite choice for most homeowners who fear the roof replacement budget. While repairs are essential for minor roof issues, significant damages call for roof replacement. Restoration is often required for metal or asphalt roofs. These materials also need to be stable enough to regain full strength after repairs. If a few parts have been repaired several times before, it is advisable to replace the entire roof.

The roof replacement cost may be considerably high, but replacement can save you from the inconveniences of frequent repairs. If your roof has reached the average lifespan and has a major defect, it is time to have it replaced. Reliable roof experts like SPS Roofers can assess the situation and recommend roof repair or replacement.

If your roof is damaged, you need to call a roofing contractor for an inspection. After inspection, your roofing contractor can help you with the repair or replacement projects. Don’t rush the last minute; contact SPS Roofing today for examination, repair or replacement of your roof.