Dallas Roofer
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Dallas Roofer Expert Tips in Maintaining Your Roof

With proper installation, a roof can last decades without the need to be replaced. If you want your roof to last as long as possible, consistent maintenance is required. Here are some expert tips any reputable Dallas roofer would recommend keeping…
Roof Scammers
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3 Ways to Recognize Scam Roofers

Many homeowners have fallen in the hands of scam roofers. These unethical roofing contractors are out there to do shoddy or unnecessary roofing repairs and replacements. Different from what most people think, scam roofers usually target budget-conscious…
Legitimate Roofing Company
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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Roofer is Legitimate

Before you undertake any roofing project, you need to ensure you are dealing with a reliable and legitimate contractor. Inexperienced roofers may not meet the set roofing standards. Their shoddy work could mean expensive repairs, leaks and curving…
Roof Replacement
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3 Things You Must Know Before Replacing Your Roof

Roof replacement is one of the most worthwhile investments in your property. It is a long-term improvement that will serve you for quite a long term. Unlike carpets, curtain, windows and fittings that need to be changed from time to time, a…
Roof Replacement Cost
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Roof Replacement Cost And What I Should Expect

Your roof has stood the test of time and has served you well. Unfortunately, everything gets old and scrappy, including your roof. It’s time to think about getting it replaced. If you are a first-timer or haven’t replaced a roof recently,…
Hail Damage Roof Replacement

Hail Damage - The Process of Getting a New Roof

When we see hail coming down the size of tennis balls, damage to a roof can be severe. An obvious sign of damage from hail is denting in the flashing around the border of the roof. Additionally, if you have asphalt shingles, you might notice…
Leaking Roof

What Do I Do, I Can't Afford to Replace My Roof

Help! My roof has sprung a leak and there's not room in the budget for a new one! If your Texas home is at risk due to a roof leak, there is help. Threats to Your Roof Texas is rough on roofs. Not only is there the threat of hail when a summer…
New Roof Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts of a New Roof

For anyone who is in need of a new roof, there are some do's and don'ts to consider before making that important decision. The choice of the right roofing materials is a major factor. It is smart to consider the different material options.…
Stop Roofing Fraud

Roofing Industry House Bill Targets Fraud in Texas

There are many reputable roofing companies that make every effort to meet the needs of homeowners throughout Texas when the unexpected happens. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-trustworthy roofing contractors that take advantage of…