All you need to know about standing seam metal roofs

Introduction In the past, metal roofing in Dallas, TX was never considered as an option by homeowners. Standing seam metal roofs in particular were considered the roofing material of choice for commercial buildings, warehouses and businesses,…

6 Recent Developments in Roofing

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Importance of roof ventilation   Does your roof have proper ventilation? If it doesn

All you need to know about skylights

Introduction Are you looking to brighten up a gloomy and dark space? A skylight is a great solution for increasing the amount of natural light in your house, with the added benefit of stylistic appeal. Installing a skyight opens up an enclosed…

Things you need to know before installing solar panels on your roof

Solar panels are relatively new in the industry. More and more cost-effective solar solutions are entering the commercial market. However, the size of the consumer market for solar panels isn

All you need to know about gutters

Gutters are an extremely crucial part of the roofing of your house. These days, gutters are becoming a legal requirement for all residential buildings. Given that thunderstorms are a part of the climate at Fort Worth, the importance of having…

Difference between residential and commercial roofing

Does it make a difference whether a roof is being placed on a residential structure or a commercial structure? Isn

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If you are living in Dallas, then you are no stranger to the intense summer heat, hail and thunderstorms. You
Best Roofing Company in Argyle

How to Find the Best Roofing Company in Argyle

Finding the best roofing company in Argyle, Texas isn't as simple as calling up numbers in the phone book anymore. The methods of discovering a real, trustworthy, professional contractor for your roofing repair or installation have changed…


An adjusters written estimate for an insurance claim on a roof is estimated to be $11,000 to replace what was damaged. This is called the Replacement Cost Value or (RCV). The Homeowner / Insured has an insurance deductible of $1,500 plus…